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2022-06-14: News Headlines

Andrew Korybko (2022-06-14). Ukraine is Blackmailing the Global South by Officially Demanding Weapons for Wheat. orinocotribune.com By Andrew Korybko &#1 ; Jun 8, 2022 | The so-called "deadlock" over resolving the global food crisis is just as artificially manufactured as its origins since Kiev has now officially declared that it won't resume wheat exports by sea to the Global South unless it receives anti-ship missiles first. | Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar

_____ (2022-06-14). Turkey Rains on NATO's Parade. popularresistance.org On May 18, the secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a Norwegian named Jen Stoltenberg, stood on a stage, flanked by the ambassadors to NATO of Finland and Sweden, Klaus Korhonen and Axel Wernhoff, respectively. | It was one of those made-for-television moments that politicians dream of — a time of high drama, where the ostensible forces of good are faced off against the relentless assault of evil, which necessitates the intervention of like-minded friends and allies to help tip the scales of geopolitical justice toward those who embrace liberty over tyranny. | A happy ending? Not so…

Staff (2022-06-14). Russian envoy stresses Iran role in regional, intl. security. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jun. 14 (MNA) — The Russian Ambassador to Tehran in a meeting with the Attorney General stressed Iran's role in creating security in the region and beyond and called for expanding bilateral ties in all areas.

Staff (2022-06-14). Iran HR Council criticizes illegal trial of Iranian diplomat. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jun. 14 (MNA) — Secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi has criticized the arrest of Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi, describing his trial as illegal.

Staff (2022-06-14). Two Iranian oil tankers dock at Syrian shores. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jun. 14 (MNA) — A Syrian newspaper reported on Tuesday that two Iranian oil tankers docked at the Syrian waters on Monday after agreements reached between Iran and Syria during the Syrian president's recent trip to Tehran.

Staff (2022-06-13). U.S., Ukraine expand program to relocate Ukrainians to Japan. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Kyodo NewsJune 13, 2022 Ukraine, U.S. envoys announce fund to integrate evacuees to Japan The Ukraine and U.S. ambassadors to Tokyo called on the Japanese public Monday to give to a newly launched fund helping Ukrainian evacuees adjust to life in Japan, including with language-learning aid. The Ukraine Evacuees Assistance Fund, established in a partnership …

Anonymous103 (2022-06-13). Military Situation In Syria On June 13, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org On June 13, Russia reported that Idlib militants violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 7 times: 2 &#1 ; in Idlib province, 5 &#1 ; in Aleppo province; | On June 12, artillery of Turkish-backed forces shelled SDF positions near Ain Issa; | On June 12, the SDF security forces arrested an ISIS commander in the Ruwaishid area; | On June 12, the SDF security forces arrested three ISIS members near al-Hawl refugee camp; | On June 12, an SAA serviceman was killed in an…

Staff (2022-06-13). Kyrgyzstan urges Iran to set up hospital. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jun. 13 (MNA) — Tordogan Sedigov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan to Iran said that Kyrgyzstan has called on Iran to express views on the establishment of a hospital.

Staff (2022-06-13). US calls on Lebanon to give important maritime area to Israel. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jun. 13 (MNA) — According to a leaked confidential document, the US has called on Lebanon to abandon an important border area in the Karish field, Lebanese sources reported.

____ (2022-06-13). Healthy, stable development of China-Australia ties beneficial to two peoples: Chinese ambassador. ecns.cn Chinese Ambassador to Australia Xiao Qian said here on Saturday that a healthy and stable development of the bilateral relations is in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples.

Staff (2022-06-12). NATO chief: Turkey has "legitimate concerns" in feud with Finland, Sweden, war against Kurds. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Daily SabahJune 12, 2022 Turkey has legitimate security concerns: NATO chief Stoltenberg Security concerns raised by Turkey in its opposition to Finnish and Swedish NATO membership applications are legitimate, the Western military alliance's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in Finland on Sunday. Stoltenberg, visiting Finland's President Sauli Niinisto, said it was important to note that no …

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