2021-11-24: News Headlines

Marzieh Rahmani (2021-11-23). US base in Syria targeted by rockets. en.mehrnews.com According to local sources in Syria, the US base in eastern Syria has been targeted by four rockets which caused massive explosions.

_____ (2021-11-23). Washington's Neo-Colonial Policy in Syria. journal-neo.org The use of armies and mercenaries to support colonial commercial projects has become the standard of US behavior. And this is particularly evident due to the actions of Washington in Syria. The US, supported by its army and its many thousands of private military companies (PMCs), continues to loot the country, its energy resources, artifacts, …

Yuri Martins Fontes (2021-11-23). Caio Prado e o fascismo como estratégia do capitalismo em crise (Parte IV). globalresearch.ca Convencido que o Brasil estava na "iminência de um retorno ao passado", conforme afirma ao final de seu

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